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Satya Bodh Ashram was founded by Pavan Kumar Jain in 2002. It is located in a peaceful area of Lucknow city.


Aims of the Ashram :


to train people in Yogasana, Yogic Shatkarma, Pranayama, Meditation


to train people in Aura Healing (pran therapy), Acupressure,



to motivate students to make consistent efforts to achieve their goal


to teach students ways to enhance concentration of mind


to treat and counsel patients for all sorts of physiological,

    psychosomatic and mental problems


to inculcate moral and spiritual values in people


to motivate people to make life style healthy 





 Lucknow, India Italy France U.K.
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Pavan has been teaching "Ha" "Tha" Yoga, Raj Yoga and Yogic healing sciences since 1986. His students hail from various countries and every walk of life including medical doctors.


He is conducting workshops at various training institutes, universities, colleges, government departments, and private companies to motivate and teach how to prevent common problems and improve health.

He has successfully cured problems of depression, sleep disorder, diabetes, migraine, headache, asthma,  spondylitis, spondylosis, sacroilitis, sciatica, iritis, sinusitis, arthritis, hyperacidity, constipation, excessive gas formation, hormonal imbalance, irregular menstruation, inability to conceive etc.

He has succeeded in removing problems of frozen shoulders of many patients within three minutes by Aura Healing.

During aura healing of patients he has sometimes felt the smell of various substances in the aura like milk, tobacco, caraway (ajwain) etc. which were disturbing the free flow of pran. The patients got cured immediately when aura was cleaned and the use of that substance was discontinued.


He writes articles in newspapers, magazines and gives talks on TV. He wrote in the English daily Hindustan Times (Click Here to see Articles), Lucknow edition for several years in his weekly column "Mind  Mantra".


His experience is that spinal problems can be easily avoided if every one learns to sit properly and do a few yogasanas regularly.

In order to keep the spine upright without strain and to prevent spinal problems Pavan has written a book in Hindi language titled "Reedh Ka Dard-Samasyayen Avam Yogic Upchar", published by Pustak Mahal ISBN 978-81-223-0995-9 and also designed


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